About Shaggy Doo Beats:

Charles Crompton is a character just like his alter ego Shaggy Doo Beats B.O.P. (Bachelor of Poetry), a professional performance poet born in Adelaide, South Australia. Indeed so much of a character that he has created his own unique spoken word flavour which is known as Bunknik.

So what is Bunknik? It's a combination of 50's beat and 70's funk. It's a reinterpretation of the beatnik legacy which has been updated as we're all living in the here and now. Laced with humour Charles throws himself into the spoken word arena protected by Shaggy Doo Beats, a raconteur, an MC for all occasions! Shaggy has MC'd at events like the Big Day Out, Come Out, Carclew's Off the Couch, Adelaide Fringe Festivals and his legend was born at Adelaide's Cargo Club after hosting 177  Monday night shows of live poetry and jazz nights in a row. Yay.

So now he's teamed up with The Jazzcateers, a jazz trio led by local sax legend Chris Soole featuring upright double bass and drums. Live recordings are available along with a new self-published book, 'Readings from the little yellow book'. This book has literally gone to eager readers all over the world and now includes a live recording of Shaggy ad The Jazzcateers.

Shaggy has recently performed at the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival which culminated in a spot at the Bosco Theater, what a sight it was to see him dance up to the microphone and begin his set.

Shaggy is about to make his performance poetry debut in the United States of America thanks to 'Sparring with Beatnik Ghosts' in May 2015. So San Francisco and Santa Cruz are in for a hip experience. Stay tuned.

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